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As a thank you to my readers the Kindle edition of my new book is free today and tomorrow. Reviews appreciated!! Kindle Boo

My New Book

Please check out my First Cookbook. Available now on Amazon Kindle. Reviews are greatly appreciated. Barbecue for Beginners

Country Calzones

Between Pizza and a Calzone, Sometimes it’s a tough choice. I know they are essentially the same thing, but there is just something enticing about all that good stuff wrapped up in a fresh dough pocket that just makes me happy to eat. I haven’t had a really exceptional one from a take out for … More Country Calzones

The Best BBQ Sauce

Barbeque is one of my favorite things to eat and prepare. I;m talking about real slow smoked meats with a hickory fire. There is just something about preparing a brisket or pork butt the night before and getting up early in the morning to start a fire on the pit and letting the smoker do … More The Best BBQ Sauce