New Book is Out!!

Here is my latest Cook Book available on Kindle. The print version will be available in a few days. Give it a look and if you please leave a review. All feedback is welcome as this will help with future publications. New Book Also if you find yourself traveling to Branson, Missouri. Check out the … More New Book is Out!!

Just Desserts

Lets talk about dessert. For the next few posts I will share with you some of my recipes for sweet endings to a meal. Fair warning; I do not count calories when it comes to dessert. These recipes are by no means diet food, so moderation is the key here. I know it is a … More Just Desserts

Chocolate Souffle

Sometimes you just want something good and sweet. I admit I tend to lean towards chocolate when it comes to this craving. Now true, there are easier ways to get a chocolate “fix”, but this blog is about getting your chef on, and learning new stuff right? So let me guide you through the steps … More Chocolate Souffle