New Book is Out!!

Here is my latest Cook Book available on Kindle. The print version will be available in a few days. Give it a look and if you please leave a review. All feedback is welcome as this will help with future publications. New Book Also if you find yourself traveling to Branson, Missouri. Check out the … More New Book is Out!!

Chocolate Souffle

Sometimes you just want something good and sweet. I admit I tend to lean towards chocolate when it comes to this craving. Now true, there are easier ways to get a chocolate “fix”, but this blog is about getting your chef on, and learning new stuff right? So let me guide you through the steps … More Chocolate Souffle

Grandmothers Biscuits

It’s National Biscuit Day. And to celebrate I’m going to share a unique Maine Recipe for Biscuits that are like no other. The secret is Bakewell Cream. Hard stuff to find unless you live in New England, but if you can track some down the results are well worth the effort. Ingredients: 4 Cups All … More Grandmothers Biscuits