Restaurant Review: Branson Center Stage

Branson Center Stage Grill and Bar

1810 W. Hwy 76 Branson, Missouri

Residents and visitors to the Branson area, if you have not tried this establishment I suggest you put it on your list of “Musts”. My wife and I went in on a Friday evening around 7:30. We were greeted promptly and directed to sit wherever we like. (I like that) We chose a table close to the kitchen entrance and near the stage where a young man was playing a guitar and singing (Talented fellow, can’t recall his name though). Our server’s name was Fender, he was very patient while we looked over the menu. There is an excellent selection of choices from appetizers to entrees and all are described wonderfully. We chose an Appetizer that would give us a sampling of a few of the items. It consisted of Potato skins, Fried green Tomatoes, Fried Green Beans, and Chicken Wings, with a house made dipping sauce for all. You can tell right away that things are made to order, and from scratch (another feature I really like).Everything was fried to perfection, Just the right golden brown color and crispy, not greasy at all. The seasoning of the breading was spot on, and the dipping sauce made the perfect compliment.

For our entrée we went with steaks. I had the 12 ounce Ribeye, loaded Baked Potato, and Fried Okra. The steaks are aged 21 days which gives them a great flavor and tenderness. I made the comment, and I will stick to it, the best steak I have had in a long time. It was cooked perfectly, Med rare just the way I like it. Melt in your mouth tender. The potato was big like a baker should be and stuffed to overflowing with all the good stuff. The okra was fried just right like the appetizers, before and the dipping sauce for the apps also went very well with the okra.

I really like the atmosphere inside as well. Very relaxed, and seems like it would be a good gathering place for socializing and a spot to go after a long day of work. No aura of pretention like you get in some places with that caliber of quality food. I would be just as comfortable sitting at the bar and drinking a beer, as I would be at a table for a full meal.

Overall I would rate this establishment 5 star. The owners and staff are friendly and it is evident that guest service and satisfaction is a very high priority to them. So if you live here or planning a visit I highly recommend a stop here.

Dave Dyer


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