My Dad’s Favorite

St. Patrick”s Day is coming right up so I am reblogging this one. If you want a truly amazing Corned Beef you need to start this one soon. This is so much better than the store bought cuts. This is not difficult at all and very worth the effort.

Dave's Food Adventures

Being Father’s Day I thought it would be good to share with you one of my Dad’s favorite things that I make. Corned Beef. Folks this is not just something to bring out on St. Patrick’s Day, this is good eating anytime of year. And once you learn to make your own, you will never buy one of those packaged ones from the meat case again.

Corned Beef is generally made from either the Point or the Flat cut of the Brisket.

images (2)

When I make it I usually do both. I use the Flat for a traditional Corned Beef Meal, and the point I re season and smoke to make Pastrami. You will want to separate the muscles before you put them into the brine for ease of handling.

If you plan on making this, the first thing you will want to do is free up some real estate in…

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