Blogging, WordPress, Goals & Doubters

Thought I would share this. It speaks to what a lot of us go through I think. Not seeing the numbers we want, doubting ourselves and wondering if we are doing enough to attract our desired audience, or even if we should change our writing styles to play to the audience. With my blogs, what you see is me. I write like I speak, and my online persona is the same as if you met me in person. I forge on because I believe in what I do. And that my friends is the key. Believe in yourself and let the naysayers roll off your back.

HarsH ReaLiTy


I have been blogging through the tired for over a year now. We all hit the ceiling of motivation eventually and then we must decide what is important to us. Why do we blog? Why do we keep blogging? For me it has always been simple and I have had a general idea of my goals for this platform. It is that master plan that keeps me focused and keeps me inspired… even through the tired.

I am posting my entire stat model for this blog. Those are the views for the past three years. The “comments” total is not accurate due to the number of posts I’ve deleted and made private. The total amount of views make me sad honestly. It makes me realize how much effort I put into making money for WordPress. It also shows me what can be done.

I have been reading a ton of…

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