Premio Dardos Award & Versatile Blogger Award!!

premio-dardos-award-3 versatile-blogger-award

I would very much like to thank Mypinchofyum for nominating me for the Premio Dardos & Versatile Blogger Awards. This came as a very pleasant surprise this morning when I opened my email. I started this blog back in January, having no idea how well it would be received or even noticed. I am truly amazed at every new post the likes, comments, and support that I receive from the blogging community here on WordPress and the views and readers that I get from Facebook and Twitter. I certainly did not start this journey with any kind of recognition in mind, but I have to admit it does feel good. Knowing your thoughts, work and ideas are being read and accepted all over the world is a very humbling feeling.

This is an ongoing journey and learning process for me, and I suspect the same is true for my fellow bloggers as well. I promise I will strive to keep my content to the level of excellence that these awards represent while staying true to the values and my own sense of keeping it real. Again thank you to all my followers from WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Email subscribers.

The rules are:

  1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
    1. Share 10 interesting things about yourself.
    2. Nominate 10 more bloggers. (You may want to let them know that they have been nominated by commenting in one of their posts.)

So 10 Things about me:

1. I live in Branson Missouri

2. I am a photographer for the Dixie Stampede Dinner Theater

3. I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary being married to the love of my life

4. I have 3 grown children of my own and 4 step children

5. I play the Drums

6. I am a history nerd

7. I love to travel

8. Someday I would love to visit France

9. I have never been to culinary school

10. I am in the process of writing a cookbook

The 10 Bloggers I would like to nominate are as follows:

  1. Cooking Up The Pantry
  2. The Cafe Catch-Up
  3. stephysweetbakes
  4. Sockmonkey’s Kitchen
  5. Crazy Chef Frankie
  6. Bernice
  7. Have you eaten? 
  8. unintentional foodie
  9. Binge Factory
  10. Becky Ellis

Again Thank you all for your loyal readership and always remember  Cook from the heart and taste the love



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