Low And Slow Series- Burnt Ends


Yesterday I shared my Brisket Method with you. If you decide to smoke the whole Brisket instead of just the flat, you can make the BBQ delicacy of Burnt Ends. I know burnt doesn’t sound very appetizing, but these little nuggets of goodness will change your mind fast.

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Burnt Ends are the made from the point cut of the Brisket.

images (2)

Once the Brisket is ready to come off the smoker, you can easily separate the two muscles.just run your knife between them at the fat layer. Wrap the flat muscle like I said in the previous post and put it up to rest. Now take the point cut and cut it up into 1″ cubes. Put these into a foil pan, and add some of the liquid that you have been basting with, and some BBQ sauce and toss them well to coat. Now take some of your dry rub that you used to coat the brisket with and re-season the chunks with it. Make sure you have some excess liquid in the pan, you don’t want to dry them out. put these back on the smoker for about an hour. They will get a lot darker, and have a “burnt” look on the outside but don’t worry, they are just fine. What I usually do is take half of them and stir them into my beans to add an extra level of flavor to them, and the rest get served along side the sliced meat from the flat cut.


You will find these little delights to be melt in your mouth tender and absolutely delicious. At competitions, they are regularly served along with the sliced Brisket in the presentation boxes for an extra point opportunity with the Judges.

So give it a try and see if you don’t agree!! Happy Smoking!!

Cook from the heart, Taste the love

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