Thoughts on coffee

A post by another blogger about coffee yesterday got me thinking about the evolution of the beverage.( some will say I have too much time on my hands) I have always viewed coffee as a social beverage. Even though I like my first cup in the morning in quiet as I collect my thoughts for the day.
I remember back home in Maine, the coffee shop on Main st. or the Dunkin Donuts a little ways up the road. These were gathering places. The regulars would sit at their usual tables and talk about whatever. In fact most restaurants in town had ” the table”. There you could find lively discussions on just about any subject.
These days it seems everyone is more inclined to get their coffee from the drive up window. If you go into a Starbucks or one of the other franchises, you see mostly people sitting by themselves with whatever electronic device they have. If you seek out the smaller Diners and Mom and Pop establishments you will still find the little “coffee claches” Gathering at different times of the day.
Maybe I’m just waxing nostalgic, but I think if we spent more time socializing on a face to face level, maybe there would be a little more peace in this world. Or at least in our own little parts of it.

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  1. A.K. Maleeke says:

    I enjoy a good cup of coffee. Especially in the morning before work. I agree that coffee is a means for engagement. In the middle-east, it’s customary to invite guests over and serve them coffee or tea while having conversation. Coffee is inviting and used to bring people together. Perhaps coffee could bring world peace if we got together and discussed things over coffee!


    1. Dave D says:

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  2. Rachel Orsie says:

    Thank you for sharing this and I totally agree with you about people spending time together instead of their electronics!!! Sometimes, people even hang out and just are on their phones the whole time-weird lol I thought you might enjoy my blog:


    1. Dave Dyer says:

      Thank you for reading and sharing!!Always looking for more reading.

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