Fellowship Of Food


One of the highlights of my youth was the regular potluck suppers at our church. It was always a good time seeing and socializing with everyone. The variety of food was always something to look forward too. Most had a regular rotation of dishes that they would bring. I must say my favorite was the Swedish meatballs that a sweet lady would bring on a regular basis.

I have been to very few Church suppers in my adulthood. I guess these things just are not done on a regular basis anymore.A sign of the changing times. It could also be that I don’t have a regular church affiliation anymore as well I suppose. Food does seem to have a way of bringing people together. More often than not, differences can be put aside at meal time. Sitting around the dinner table and discussing the days events and catching up with one another. Of course I know this is not commonplace any more either. with working families and the like. Although My parents both worked full time and we still managed to do it, folks today don’t seem to make it a priority like it used to be. There is a song sung at the dinner theater I work at as a photographer, it is called Suppertime, And one of the lines is “we’re all friends at suppertime”  It always takes me back to the days of gathering for meals with friends and family.

The point I am trying to make here is that we as a society do not spend enough time interacting with each other on a human level anymore. Cell phones and tablets or the media device du jour, seem to have taken over our desire for human contact. We all talk through little boxes. Maybe its time to step back and resolve to un-plug every now and then. In fact, why not make it a scheduled thing once a day or whatever to put the devices down and have a conversation with the people we love and care about. And what better time to do this than “Suppertime”. It could be your greatest recipe yet.

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