Seafood Jones

    Living in Missouri, finding seafood is a challenge. Have to settle for frozen most times. Growing up and spending the biggest part of my adult life on the Maine Coast, I had become spoiled for the availability of fresh fish, and shellfish.

    I was never a big fan of catfish, but somehow I have adapted and if cooked properly it can be quite good. I refuse to pay what they ask for live Lobster, or” Lobstah” as we call it back home. My all time favorite fish, Haddock, is almost impossible to find here, even frozen. I do get fortunate at times and find some Sea Scallops at one of the local grocery stores. They are frozen, but still good quality. Because of the expense of them I usually buy just 2 and use them as a topper to an Arugula salad. Simply salt and pepper and seared just enough to firm up the meat a bit. then sliced. Here are the rest of the ingredients for the salad:

A good bunch of Arugula

2 Mandarin Oranges

1 Granny Smith Apple

2-3 strips of thick cut bacon

Orange Balsamic vinegrette dressing

Salt and pepper to taste

   Rinse and spin dry your greens( Assuming you have a salad spinner), set aside in a bowl large enough to get a good toss in. Cut bacon into small pcs and render down till crispy, then drain on paper towel and set aside.

  Wedge one orange and add to the arugula. Peel and slice the apple and add that as well.

   Juice the other orange and to this add a splash of Balsamic vinegar, Add some salt and pepper and then slowly drizzle in some Extra Virgin Olive Oil while whisking constantly.

  Dress your salad lightly and toss to combine.

   Pat your Scallops dry and salt and pepper them. Use about a Tbsp each of butter and Olive Oil and melt in a sautee pan. Quickly sear the scallops just till the meat firms up a bit. remove from heat and let rest for a moment while you plate the salads. Then slice and lay one scallop over each salad. Sprinkle the bacon pcs over the top and your ready to serve.

    This is great lunch, or appetizer salad for a dinner meal.Try it sometime.

Cook from the heart, taste the love

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