Back from a break

So it has been a while since i posted, been kind of hectic. My wife had major surgery last week and is home recovering now. All is good and I am happy to report she is cancer free. It has been an emotional roller coaster for us all.
Trying to stay focused on the must-do’s like my duties at the hotel and my upcoming photography gig at one of the local venues,taking care of my step daughter and all the household tasks as well. All while trying to not show that I am a bundle of nerves has been a challenge. I salute those who have to do this on a regular basis.
We as a human race tend to take things for granted, and I myself m just as guilty of this. What I have learned from all this is to love the ones you love like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy every moment. Because in the end what matters most is the family and friends that make your life what it is. Stay positive and always look for the silver lining.
Take care of each other my readers.

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