Lets kick this off!!

Welcome to my new adventure!! My name is Dave and I’m a foodaholic. I’m not a professional Chef or writer, but I have amassed a bit of knowledge over the years. (Some of it even sunk in) What I hope to do with this page is share my experiences, good and bad, from my own kitchen, and when I dine out. I have had no formal culinary training. What I know I started learning at an early age from my Grandmother. I credit her with my love for cooking. Over the years I have studied cook books, including the CIA textbook, and experimented with my own takes on dishes from fine French Cuisine to just good old backyard BBQ. I will share recipes as we go. Give some tips that have proven themselves worthy to me, and answer any questions that I can about food and its preparation, in the simplest form, practical. In the future I will add videos from my home kitchen and take you step by step through some great meals. If you have some themes you would like to see, by all means lets hear em. I believe the food is just but one part of the dining enjoyment. The people you share it with is the other part. Be it friends or family,  good conversation and seeing the people you love enjoy what you have prepared makes for a great experience.

So lets begin this journey together and see what happens. If you like what your reading please tell someone about it. The more this site grows the better for all of us. We can become one big foodaholic family.


Taste from the heart.


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