A simple pasta sauce

Here is a simple but flavorful sauce for pasta. I for one love the combination of tomato and basil, and this one combines them well. I also like to use this one for my eggplant parm. I will share that little bit of heaven later.

Here are the ingredients:

1 Red onion

1/4 cup Extra virgin olive oil

Couple cloves of garlic

A good handful of fresh basil

A couple cans of San Marzano tomatos

In a sauce pot warm the olive oil gently, add the finely diced onions and garlic and a little salt and pepper. I like kosher salt myself, and fresh ground pepper if you have a mill. Let thee cook for a few minutes till they get fragrant.

Take the tomatoes and blend them a bit before adding to the pot. At this point you can also add a bit of red pepper flake if you like. Let this simmer for a bit and then use an immersion blender to smooth the sauce out. Once the sauce has simmered for a bit stir in the fresh chopped basil. heat a bit longer but not to much or you will lose the color of your herb. The flavor will still  be there, but personally I like the bright green in my sauce.

Use this sauce on your favorite pasta and you will score home run at dinner.

You can also if your taste buds prefer, add some grated parm or romano to this s well. I have also added sweet Italian sausage to make it a bit heartier.

Cook some up and play with it. It is a basic sauce that can be a blank canvas for you to create upon.

Cook from the heart and taste the love.

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